Board of Management Members

The Management Board is an integral governance body of the institute. It has a supervisory role with general responsibility for planning matters and the monitoring overall management of the institute, The Board of Management meetings take place on monthly basis which are chaired by Executive Director-AIBF and attended by the board members; Operations Head and Program Head. The meeting used as session for reviewing the last month performance, plan for next month and instructing the board members on addressing the issues which need urgent resolution across the AIBF.

Mr. Lutfullhaq Noor Paserly Executive Director

Mr. Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly is a dynamic, and result oriented economic development and financial sector professional with having BA. Economics from Kabul university and MA. Public Administration from Pyam-e-Noor University. Mr. Paserly has very rich experiences for over 10 years in the areas of Corporate Governance, Internal Control, Branch Operations, Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Audit with different organizations in senior management positions. He started his professional career with Central Bank of Afghanistan as Risk Manager on Jan 2008 after completion of two years successful career he promoted as Market Risk Section Director in Jan 2010. Later on he appointed as conservatorship deputy Team leader in Kabul bank while the bank was in crisis period. On March 2011 Mr. Paserly was promoted to Chief Operations Officer position in Kabul Bank due to his outstanding performance and bringing corrective changes and he has also served as Acting Deputy CEO in Kabul Bank for as short period of time. After completion of successful career in the financial sector of Afghanistan he moved to Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and has worked there as Internal Audit Director and Licensing Director for three years and Currently he is serving as Executive Director in AIBF. During his professional career he has travelled to different countries (USA, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Turkey and Malaysia) for official matters and trainings.

Zia Jan

Mr. Zia Ul Haq Waziri

Mr. Zia Ul Haq Waziri has a professional background in Banking & Finance for over 7 years. He has obtained his bachelor degree in Commerce and MBA (Finance) from Pakistan. He started his career as Risk Manager and then joined with Maiwand Bank, Kabul- Afghanistan as in charge Risk Management for four years. His sphere includes identification, measurement, monitoring, reporting and controlling of credit, market, operational, liquidity and other risks. He was responsible for implementation of integrated risk management framework within the bank including setting of risk appetite, tolerance limits, assessment of pillar I and pillar II risks under Basel II, ensuring adequacy of capital, review and assessment of credit risk on transaction as well as portfolio basis. He was also accountable for stress testing, and periodic review of risk rating models. He is having extensive experience in managing risks in all key domains of a bank headquarter such as, Credit, Operations, Finance, Compliance, Market, IT, HR and other important units including branches. He has also served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Exchanger zone Microfinance Co. and currently working as Program Head with Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance (AIBF) and is responsible for designing and offering short, medium and long term capacity building programs to the financial sector of Afghanistan.

Gul Afzal Nadiry

Mr. Gul Afzal Nadiry

Mr. Gul Afzal Nadiry has a professional background in Finance and Procurement for over 9 years. He has obtained his bachelor degree in B.A Economics (Honors) from University of Nangarhar, PGDM and MBA (Finance) from University of Pune, India. He has started his career as Accountant with National Engineering and Construction Company, Nangarhar Afghanistan then served as Lecturer in National Institute of Management and Administration then joined Ministry of Finance as Financial Consultant, Kabul- Afghanistan for 6 years. He was responsible for consulting the Eastern Zone Line Directorates Management staff and consulting areas was Accounting Manual, Procurement, Income Tax, AFMIS (Afghanistan Financial Management Information System. He was also accountable for Zonal Audit of M16. He has extensive experience in Capacity building, Consulting and Auditing. He has been working as Operations Head with Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance (AIBF) and is responsible for Finance, Procurement and IT departments.

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