Professional Risk Manager (PRM)

The Professional Risk Manager (PRM)


The Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Designation is a globally recognized, graduate-level risk management credential. Today's Risk Professionals are expected to know and understand industry best practices and be committed to using them. There is no better way for risk managers to show their commitment than by proving that they have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to back their experience.

The PRM Program is a series of certification exams, designed to measure the knowledge of professional risk managers and ensure they meet a specific performance standard in their profession. Endorsed by leading university programs and industry firms, it is the global standard for risk management professionals.

Built by a broad coalition of industry leaders to reflect the mission objectives of the association and to establish the leading form of education, validation and certification in the Risk Management profession, the PRM counts candidates from over 100 countries, more than any other risk certification program, anywhere;

Individuals with the PRM designation have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of:

·         The classic finance theory underpinning risk management

·         The foundations of risk measurement

·         The foundation of option theory

·         Financial instruments and their associated risks and uses

·         The daily form and function of trading markets

·         Risk management best practices

·         Lessons learned from failed systems and practices and major risk events

·         Best practices of governance, conduct and ethics


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